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Hey everyone I'm Jeff Gutteridge, I'm a mix engineer and no you've likely never heard of me. There I said it! I'm just an average guy like many of you, love music, been involved in it my whole life. Toured in a band called looking for heather from 1995-2006, had some moderate success. While doing that I was working on my other love...recording!

I set up a little makeshift studio in my parent's basement in 1994 with a Tascam Porta Studio 4 track recorder as my canvas. I spent my weekends documenting the sounds of the Lindsay Ontario/ City of Kawartha Lakes music scene and soon became "the guy" if you wanted to make a came to my basement! Known then as Starlite Studio.

In 1996 I went to College to study music production and audio engineering at Fanshawe in London Ontario. I spent 3 years there graduating their two year program and the third year "Digital Applications" program...what the hell is that you ask...basically Pro Tools and computer based recording.

Back then studios were analog. Tape machines and large format consoles. Racks of outboard gear, and lots of flashing lights. Pretty cool stuff!

I came home from college in 1998 and embraced digital recording head on! I got a PC and an early computer interface , a small mixer and a pair of speakers. I found a software program called Cool Edit Pro that looked a lot like pro tools and went back to recording all the local bands most of them in the basement but some of them in larger studios in Toronto Canada. During this time I did have the pleasure of working with The Strumbellas on their first demo's back in the mid 2000's but aside from that most of my credits are bands or artists you don't know. Some you should! and some are still playing!

As time wore on I realized that my favourite part of the process was mixing! Blending the recorded sound for maximum impact! I couldn't wait to finish tracking so we could mix!! I loved the non exact science of trying to make it all fit and have maximum sonic impact. Sure there were guiding rules but this is music, it's a creative art form and mixing to me is a creative art form.

As the years went on, the gear changed and the software too. I have kept up on a lot of it and have fully embraced this new digital realm we work in.

So why am I writing this you ask? Well....because I hope my story is a lot like yours and it probably is!!

I'm a regular dude.

I like pop punk music, metal, metal core, hardcore, post hardcore and just about anything with drums that sounds huge! oh yeah, I didn't mention...I'm a drummer!

In being a regular guy and mix engineer, I'm always looking to improve my mixing skills. I believe you can never stop learning as sounds and tastes change. When clients come in I always want to know what they are listening too so I can maybe find a new band to get into. In fact I'm going to add a spot on the blog where I recommend music! Like everyone I turn to the web to watch videos and read forums on recording techniques.

Buuuuuut..... I have a problem and I bet you do too!


Too many opinions and quite honestly some nasty people. There's some great resources too!!! and I'm going to share some of my faves in future posts. There's some just plain wacky "advice" out there and some very confusing lingo.

So, I decided to jump into the fray here and hopefully start a community of likeminded audio pros and enthusiasts where we can talk shop JUDGEMENT FREE. I will not allow trolls to hijack our talks and I won't allow opinions to be shot down or discouraged.

I want to share some things that work for me in my day to day work and talk about some of the philosophy of mixing and music production. Things most forums or instructional videos don't talk about but things that are essential to a career in music production.

You will see less "here's how to EQ a snare" and more "Why are we EQing the snare?"

See what I mean?

So again welcome! If you've read this post please leave me a comment and introduce yourself! Let me know your experience level and what you want to get from reading these posts.



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