I don't just Mix! I record too!  This is where it all began for me...  I started out as a Recording Engineer!


I am proud to announce that I have partnered with the folks at Toronto's Revolution Recording to be able to provide my clients with a world class recording experience!  Revolution Recording is one of Canada's finest studios many hit records have been made there and you can make yours there too!!!  Neve and SSL consoles, Neuman and Telefunken mics!  Digital and Analog options and top it off with amazing rooms that will help us capture your sound!


But it's not just about the gear! it's about the knowledge and the ear!  I have both. I have over 20 years experience recording music.  I have worked in multi million dollar studios like Revolution Recording, basements, home studios and live settings.  The lessons learned in those years are:  mic placement, instrument tuning and creating a "vibe" to get the best takes possible!  I am also an artist so I understands what you are feeling when the "record light" is on.  Let's work together to get your next project the world class treatment it deserves!


Mobile recording options:


With technology advancing at a rapid pace it is very possible to get pro recording done in the comfort of your own home/rehearsal space.  Many artists record their songs in their own private studios now!  I can bring the gear to you and record your project in your comfortable space saving you time and money! 


My mobile rig includes:


- Mac Computer running Pro Tools software

- Focusrite Saffire Pro 40 8 Channel Interface

- Glyph Portable hard drives for tracking and back up

- KRK 5 Studio Monitors

- A wide selection of Mics from : Sure, Sennheiser, AKG, Apex and more!


Shoot me an email to discuss custom studio options and rates.




- Jeff


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