Hey!  I'm Jeff Gutteridge.  I Live in the beautiful Kawartha Lakes region of Ontario Canada in a small town called Lindsay.  It's close to Toronto, and in my opinion a really inspiring place to create and make music!

I grew up loving music, all styles but metal, rock and punk really got me back in the 80's.  I still love music today the way I did then and listen to it every chance I get!

I got the itch to make records when my friends and I started a band in the early 90's.  I got a 4 track recorder for Christmas and the rest is history!  I used my parents basement as the hub of the local music scene recording all kinds of great bands some of whom you may know!!  Fat Chance were a local punk band that had some success in the 90's/2000's, my band Looking For Heather also had a solid 2000's with international success and songs charting as far away as Germany!  and I recorded the first demos for the band The Strumbellas...they've done okay I think!?  

In 1996 my parents were kind enough to pay for me to go to college to study music production and recording engineering.  I went to Fanshawe College in London Ontario and Graduated their Music Industry Arts program and then graduated their third year "Digital" program in 1998 which was basically learning this new thing called Pro Tools.  I embraced digital recording right away!  The 4 Track Tape machine was sold and a digital interface was purchased.  

I love BIG , OPEN sounding albums.  Warm.  Since I learned the craft on Analog Tape, I appreciate what Tape does to audio and the fat sound it provides.  I love when a record sounds like a band playing and not a studio, but I also understand the techniques required to achieve both sounds and the changing tastes and standards of todays listener.  


I grew up admiring the work of Mutt Lange, Eddie Kramer, Tony Visconti, Bob Rock, Terry Date and Steve Albini most of my favourite records were produced or mixed by these guys and they all had very unique sounds and methodology.  As the 90's progressed into the 2000's I became a big fan of some other Producers / Mixers like Tom and Chris Lord-Alge, Dave Bendeth, Joe West, Zack Odom and Kenneth Mount, Kyle Black and so many more.

I work on many styles, but I feel my best work is in Rock,Pop Punk, Country , Alternative and Metal / Hardcore. That said, I've done pop records and R&B records too!  I welcome all genres!

I'm also a musician!  I sing, play guitar and have been playing the drums for about 30 years.  I've played live many times and have a lot of experience in the studio as an artist.  I approach record making in a very musical way, not like a machine.  Each project is unique and requires it's own plan of attack.  

Besides being a father to a fantastic little girl, I'm a huge sports fan!  Toronto FC, Leicester City FC, Toronto Maple Leafs, LA Dodgers , Buffalo Bills, NASCAR, and I'm an old school skateboarder!  oh yeah I also love Wrestling!    

Thanks for taking the time to read about me and I hope to hear from you!!

- Jeff

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Holy Mattress Money

Chris Sweetman

Cassie Noble

Jonathan Greer

The Daniel Greer Band

Looking For Heather

The Strumbellas

In Autumns Grave

The Living Stones

Defined By What We Steal

Voice Of Reason

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